Boogie Company is a rockabilly band founded in 2004. The band’s hometown is Tallinn, Estonia.

Even though Boogie Company can be considered an authentic rock’n’roll band, its music has been influenced by many different styles of music from Latin American rhythms to punk and glam rock. Boogie Company is trying to broaden the term "rockabilly" with its music. The music played by Boogie Company is mostly written by the band members. However, their repertoire also contains unexpected and interesting cover versions of classic rock songs. Classic rock’n’roll from the 1950`s is also strongly represented.

The band’s leader is its singer and double bass player Andrus Kasesalu. He and drummer Marek Lillemägi started playing together in a band called The Rockin’ Guys at the start of the 1990s. The Rockin’ Guys became popular in Estonia, Finland and Germany. Castle Records (Germany) released the band’s vinyl LP "Estonia Rock’n’roll" in 2000.

Talented guitarist Oleg Davidovitch (BBX, Plantains, Ne Zhdali) and singer and guitarist Raigo Tipp (Pete Anderson Band) joined Andrus and Marek in 2004 and the heart of Boogie Company started beating. The band’s first album "Rockime Ümber Jõulupuu" (Vinge) was released in Estonia in 2006. Boogie Company has played in Estonia, Italy, USA, Germany, Norway, Finland, Latvia and Egypt over the years.

The irresistible pianist and singer Margus Jürisson (Estonian Police Orchestra Bigband) joined the band in spring 2010.

Boogie Company’s second full-length album "God Is Dancing Jive" (AXR Music) release was in Finland on 26th of January 2011.

Boogie Company’s third full-length album "Mida Sa Mögised, Mees!" (Industrial Productions) release was in Estonia on 17th of December 2013.

Boogie Company represented Estonia on “Global Battle Of The Bands” - competition in April 2015 in Oslo, Norway.

Boogie Company’s approach to rockabilly music is certain to offer a new, broader view of rockabilly music.

Boogie Company in year 2006